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Purchasing System and Small Business Program Experts

Need a little help?

  • Has the government scheduled a purchasing system (CPSR) audit of your company?
  • Are you wondering about how to best support an equitable adjustment to an existing contract?
  • Is the Small Business Administration (SBA) going to review your small business program?

Whenever you need advice on how to best handle such issues, call Phil Bail & Associates.  PB&A has a thorough understanding of the federal contracting system from both a government and contractor perspective; a track record of success; and, a reasonable pricing structure.

Areas of Expertise

Contractor purchasing system review

A contractor’s Supply Chain is an important player in the overall profitability of a company.  Making sure purchasing department buyers fully understand source selection and negotiation strategies in buying products or services results in the receipt of higher quality products and services delivered on time at better price points.  Purchasing is one of the “business systems” that the federal government may audit.  A Government-approved Supply Chain is a requisite of any contractor in the federal marketplace.  A Government-approved purchasing system also makes potential customers confidant that they are receiving high quality products or services at reasonable prices. Meeting Government purchasing department requirements isn’t easy.  Only 8-12 percent of contractor’s receiving a CPSR actually pass the audit on the first try.  Phil Bail & Associates helps its clients prepare for and pass such audits.

clause interpretation

Disagreement with the Government over clause interpretation can result in less profit on a fixed-price contract.  It is therefore important to understand clause requirements accurately. It is also necessary to flow various FAR and Agency clauses to your subcontractors to protect yourself and meet prime contract requirements. PB&A can assess the clause flow-down requirements that you should include in purchase orders/subcontracts.

small business program

The Federal Small Business Program requires both large and small businesses to be familiar with FAR Subpart 19.7 and associated clauses regarding the use of small business vendors.  The FAR also requires large business contractors to implement and manage a Small Business Program and submit both Participation Small Business Plans and Small Business Subcontracting Plans with its proposals in response to Government solicitations.  Does your company understand its responsibilities in this important area? Phil Bail & Associates has the expertise and track record to quickly implement an effective Small Business Program for you.

federal acquisition regulation training

PB&A provides training classes to Program Managers, Contract Department personnel and Supply Chain buyers.  Such training is geared to the contracting and purchasing processes your company follows. Training can cover any subject from justifying price reasonableness to handling of Defense Order (DO/DX) ratings to writing a small business subcontracting plan to interpreting the Buy American Act.

equitable adjustment/claims

The filing of requests for equitable adjustment (REAs) or the submission of a claim because of differing site conditions or SOW interpretation differences with the Government are sometimes necessary. PB&A has the real-world experience necessary to frame the REA or claim correctly to increase likelihood of acceptance by the Contracting Officer.

government office protests

Ever review a Government solicitation and think the requirement is restrictive or not clearly defined or favors a competitor.  These situations require immediate interaction with the buyer/contracting officer so remedies can be put into place before proposals are required.  Sometimes you get nowhere with the buyer/contracting officer.  PB&A can file a GAO protest to hear your complaint and provide a ruling on it.  Sometimes, after contract award, a disagreement with the contracting officer cannot be resolved and should be elevated to the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals.  Talk to PB&A so appropriate action can be taken within the time parameters established in the Federal Acquisition Regulation.